just another tetris clone.
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20 August 2004 - This page goes online
19 December 2003 - Release of version 0.9 for Windows
17 December 2003 - Release of version 0.9 for Linux (source included)
12 December 2003 - Project registration at


BlueCube is a simple tetris clone written in C. I started this project to just get into game and graphics programming.

Some words to the history of BlueCube:
I was new to game programming and didn't know how to begin, until I read an article from ("How do I make games? A path to Game Development"). The text said that the perfect game to begin would be Tetris, because you only need a very simple collision detection and the graphics are easy to draw (just rectangles). So I started the project "BlueCube", which should of course be just another boring tetris clone (in the beginning under Windows with MSVC++), using C and SDL, because it's simple, portable and efficient. I can't remember exactly, but I think it took me about a month (but there were several days I did nothing; yes, I am a very lazy programmer!) to create something playable. The first implementation ideas came in school, and a solution for my collision detection (well, it is not really a collision detection, but who cares... anyway, i had some problems to figure out this stuff) came in church (!), very funny ;) I also implemented a small text engine (inspired by Lesson 4 of Marius Andras Tutorial "GFX with SDL"), which simply reads out the characters from a bitmap and blits the desired strings onto the screen. A few weeks later I changed my operating system to Linux, so I compiled the game there with gcc (which was of course very easy, thanks to SDL!). The game is working well now and is stable, but it's not finished yet and there are still some things to implement (brick graphics, highscore list, better sound effects :) etc.).




Well, I simply refer to the file list of the project page, where you can grab the game and of course its source code.


For comments, questions or other stuff you can drop me a line or instant message me via ICQ (#166224863).

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